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The Bitcoin Boom of 2022 is About to Start! Use our Powerful AI Trading System to Take Advantage of the Price Rally. Open a Free Bitcoin Motion Account Now.

All trading carries risk!

7 January 2022 | Updated:


High-level performance

We are a top-performing BTC trading system. We have a history of delivering insane profits. Our trading system uses NLP algorithms to capture and make money from market events. We apply sophisticated AI technologies to ensure consistent performance.

Regulated Partner Brokers

Our platform connects with 18 brokers in the background. These brokers are its link to quality liquidity. Quality liquidity is the bread and butter of success in any fast-paced trading. We do not work with unregulated brokers. All our partner brokers are adequately regulated.

Secure Trading Environment

When you invest with us, you guarantee data and funds safety. This is because all our platforms are secured through military-grade encryption. Moreover, we are compliant with data privacy laws in the EU and other jurisdictions.

Why Trade Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Price swings have risen significantly since the beginning of this year. Analysts predict that [cur_year] will bring a level of volatility like never witnessed before.

Bitcoin has started the year with a massive bear market. However, the decline is short-lived. Analysts are upbeat that a boom is about to happen. If the analyst predictions are anything to go by, BTC will be trading past $100,000 by the end of this year. The rally translates to amazing money-making opportunities.

Our software has a track record of delivering mouthwatering profits during volatility events. This means that the rise in volatility in [cur_year] could make this trading bot’s users extremely wealthy. The potential profits of using our platform far outweigh the risks. Take advantage of the free registration slots and try your luck today.



1. Is Bitcoin Motion a scam?

We have done our best to provide proof of our legitimacy. All the information on this website is easily verifiable. This is a legitimate platform fully committed to operating transparently.

2. Do you offer a mobile app?

You can use our trading system while on the go on your Android, iOS, or Windows smartphone. Our web trader comes in the HTML5 version and is therefore installable on your mobile phone.

3. How much do I need to invest?

You can invest the required minimum trading capital and still grow your account into a fortune through compounding. Investing about $1000 could give you a daily cash flow of $300 while still compounding 40% of the profits.

4. Can your software make me rich?

Most of our users end up earning handsome profits. You could join the big list of our successful traders by trying us today. Keep in mind that profitability is never guaranteed in any form of volatility trading.

5. How do I withdraw my profits?

We have made the withdrawal process extremely easy. Navigate to the withdrawal page on your dashboard and fill and submit the request form. The withdrawal should be processed within a few hours.

6. Are the Bitcoin Motion graphics real?

The graphics presenting the potential in our trading system are derived from historical performance. Consequently, they offer a real picture of the profitability that you should expect when trading with our system.

An In-depth Look into Bitcoin Motion

What is Bitcoin Motion?

The future of trading belongs to AI-driven trading systems. Today, the best performing institutional trader has a robot strategy in place.

This explains why big banks in WST and other global financial hubs are investing billions of dollars in trading systems. Likewise, most top retail traders are turning to trading robots. A trading robot is a computer program capable of conducting trading on behalf of users.

Our trading platform is the most revered bitcoin trading robot in the market today. We have invested in the best automated trading technologies to bring about huge profitability. Bitcoin Motion is built on AI, Quantum Computing, and Blockchain.

The algorithms behind this robot execute the price trend analysis and news trading techniques to trade bitcoin volatility. These techniques are known to be super profitable when applied correctly. News involves an analysis of breaking news to determine future price behaviour.

This software trades at supersonic speeds to capture news-trading opportunities. High-speed trading enables the bot to place bets before the markets can adjust to the new information.

How does it work?

We make bitcoin trading easy. The trading system uses the AI algorithms to automate all the technical trading steps.

This means that you don’t need any trading research skills. You can make good profits with us from the first day of trading even if you know nothing about trading. The only thing you need to do to use this bot is to follow the setup guide closely.

Failure to observe the guide could lead to costly mistakes. Some of our clients have lost their entire capital within a minute for failing to follow the trading instructions. There is nothing to worry about since the trading guide is in plain language.

Consequently, you don’t need to understand any trading lingo to trade with us. The steps to get started with us are listed below:

  1. Signup on the website – Fill the signup form on the top right corner of this page.
  2. Verify account with a matched local broker – You will be assigned to the broker on completing the signup.
  3. Deposit seed capital  – The minimum trading balance required to access the trading area is 250 USD.
  4. Take a Demo test – Watch the intro video and test the features on the demo to be fully prepared for live trading.
  5. Start earning with Bitcoin Motion – You could start earning a profit from the first minute of running the trading system. Please note that performance depends on many factors, including luck.
Bitcoin Motion Reddit

We have a strong community on Reddit. There are over ten viral Bitcoin Motion Reddit communities, some with ten thousand participants. You can join our Reddit communities for free to learn about us from actual users. These Reddit communities are also a good platform for sharing feedback about your experience with us.

Bitcoin Motion Trustpilot

Many on Trustpilot have reviewed us, and the general feedback is amazing. At least 90% of Bitcoin Motion Trustpilot reviews are from verified clients. The Trustpilot review site is the best platform to get information about our trading platform.

Did Bitcoin Motion Receive celebrity endorsements?

Crypto projects are known to depend on celebrity influencers to market themselves. Celebrities such as Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, The Winklevoss brothers, Floyd Mayweather, 50 Cent, and Soulja Boy have been used for marketing crypto projects.

Some of these celebrities have acted as paid influencers for ICOs and related projects. We have stumbled upon a popular rumour alleging that we have paid some celebrities to market our trading systems. But is it true that we are using celebrity influencers to market ourselves? Let’s find out below.

Holly Willoughby Bitcoin Motion

Some viral tweets allege that Holly Willoughby has marketed our trading system through her social media pages.

The posts further allege that we have paid her over a million dollars to market our platform. Holly Willoughby is a celebrity TV personality. She is best known for hosting prime-time ITV programs such as Dancing on Ice and This Morning.

We haven’t engaged this celebrity to market our trading system. The posts alleging so are therefore lying.

Martin Lewis Bitcoin Motion

If you are from the UK, then it’s likely that you have watched or listened to Martin Lewis personal finance shows.

This TV and radio personality is highly popular in the UK. He is the founder of the Money Saving Blog, a publication that discusses everything about personal finance. But did Martin Lewis endorse us as a perfect tool for making money online?

There is no doubt that our trading system can make you rich on the internet. However, the Martin Lewis Bitcoin Motion endorsement claims are false. We haven’t paid to be endorsed on the Money Saving Blog or any related publication.

Deborah Meaden Bitcoin Motion

Another celebrity rumoured to have invested in us is Deborah Meaden. She is a British millionaire and one of the highly-rated panellists of the Dragons Den UK show. But has Deborah Meaden invested over a million on our platform as alleged?

These rumours are fake news. We didn’t find any proof of Deborah Meaden disclosing to invest in us. Our trading system handles all users’ data in strict confidentiality. We never disclose users’ identities unless they decide to do so.

Gordon Ramsay Bitcoin Motion

Ramsay is an internationally recognized British celebrity chef. He is best known for the Hell’s Kitchen reality TV show on Fox.

Gordon Ramsay may have interests in crypto, but he hasn’t shown any interest in our trading software. Moreover, we haven’t paid him to market our product. Any post spreading the Gordon Ramsay Bitcoin Motion claims must be avoided.

Dragons den Bitcoin Motion

Other fake news posts claim that we raised its seed capital from the Dragons Den show. The Dragons Den show is a highly rated BBC program.

The show includes entrepreneurs pitching their innovative ideas to a panel of investors for funding. Our platform has never appeared on the Dragons Den show.

We have scrutinized the Pinterest posts spreading these rumours and discovered that they have ulterior motives. There is a reason to believe that these posts use the rumours as clickbait to cloned sites. These sites masquerade as the official Bitcoin Motion website to steal your data.

This Morning Bitcoin Motion

We are also surprised by the viral posts claiming that we have launched a marketing campaign on the This Morning show.

The This Morning show is the most-watched breakfast TV program in the UK and Ireland. It is one of the shows that have made Holly Willoughby highly popular. Our platform is not running any marketing campaigns on this show.

This Morning Bitcoin Motion claims are therefore unfounded. You must avoid them since they could be used as clickbait to fraudulent websites.

Bitcoin Motion Graphics

Many experts have prepared graphics projecting our performance in the anticipated bitcoin boom of 2022.

The majority of experts’ charts indicate a huge possibility of most of our clients generating their first million before the end of the year. These projections are based on historical performance when certain market conditions are met.

Registering an account with us today could be the key to your financial freedom. Take a look at the Bitcoin Motion graphics for projections on what to expect when investing a given amount.

Is Bitcoin Motion Genuine? – Final Word!

You are convinced of our legitimacy if you have gone through the information on this page. We are fully committed to offering our clients the most exciting trading experience.

With us, you will not only make good money, but you will enjoy the process. Most of our users have described the trading experience as game-like. The trading system’s user interface is designed by a team with 20 years of experience building UI’s for the big banks.

Our main goal is to make bitcoin trading more profitable and fun. No other trading system or individual can meet our performance track record. We have proven ourselves as a consistent performer irrespective of the market direction.

The trading system’s algorithms are built on a variety of HFT techniques. These include short-selling, a strategy that ensures profitability in bear markets. A bear market is characterized by free-falling asset prices. In a year, BTC experiences the bull and bear markets countless times.

The money-making opportunities on our trading platform are immense. But this doesn’t imply that you can’t lose money. The possibility of making losses in a crypto volatility trading system remains high irrespective of the trading system used. Invest wisely!

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